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Spaghetti Frenzy

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Being a Spaghetti Western fan is tough work, once you’ve gone through the rather limited selection of DVDs available in the UK/USA you’ve got to start importing discs from Europe or Japan – especially with boxsets, trying to find one with English options and no repeated films can really be a chore. So when I heard about this new set from Italy, with five great looking and sounding films, all with English soundtracks – all five of which are not available anywhere else on DVD – not to mention English subtitled interviews and bonus features, I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn’t, and I duly ordered and reviewed the complete set, and very good it was too:

The Pistole Non Discutono Western Collection – fully reviewed!

Emanuelle and Emmaneulle – from art to sleaze!

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

A quartet of all new reviews for you today, and all of them of a distinctly adult nature:

Emmanuelle (1974)  – the original softcore film from the masters of erotica – the French, although rather a disappointment with a slow and poorly placed plot. A first look at the upcoming Optimum UK DVD of this film, uncut for the first time in the UK.

Black Emanuelle’s Box (1976/7) – this trio of films from the very unofficial Black Emanuelle series, starring Laura Gemser, runs the gambit from softcore nunsploitation, to some very sleazy almost hardcore antics. An all new boxset from Severin Films USA.

Ferdinando Baldi retrospective

Friday, March 16th, 2007

From his early days directing sword and sandal pepla, to being the only Western director to voluntarily shoot a film in North Korea, Ferdinando Baldi should be one of the best known Euro-cult directors, but has slipped into almost complete obscurity, known now only for his interesting selection of Spaghetti Western titles – which are sadly some of the only titles of his currently available on DVD.

Using some of the few available resources to learn more about this director, we present the all new Mondo Esoterica Guide to Ferdinando Baldi, including all new reviews of Blindman (1971) and Little Rita nel West (1967), as well as updated reviews of his other films…

Five Golden Dragons (1967)

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Our prime directive here at Mondo Esoterica is to bring reviews of obscure films, and obscure DVDs, that no other websites offer. We may be accused of losing our way a little recently (surely no-one can call Airport (1970) obscure?) but here is a little something to make it all better!

Five Golden Dragons is a completely overlooked film, despite its cast list boasting Klaus Kinski, Christopher Lee and Brian Donlevy – plus a barrage of other well known actors from mainstream and cult cinema. Shot in Hong Kong it is a well made Edgar Wallace thriller, with plenty of surprises. It comes on a neat little DVD from Italy that has a superb print and great sounding English audio (with no forced subtitles). I recommend both the film and the DVD, but check out the review for lots more.

The Fu Manchu Collection (1965-69)

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Released without much attention outside of Germany last year was this five disc boxset from Kinowelt containing all five of the Fu Manchu films produced by Harry Alan Towers and starring Christopher Lee.

Full review with loads of background information: Dr. Fu Man Chu Collection

You can also check out a brand new Mondo Esoterica Guide, to producer Harry Alan Towers.

The Django Italo-Western Collection

Friday, February 16th, 2007

We’re back to basics with a trio of Spaghetti Western reviews, this time, a rather impressive German Django boxset from Koch Media.


Plus, the Spaghetti Western guide page has had a few new tweaks.

And now a word from our sponsors!

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

No, not really, just something to help pay the bills.

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Thanks for listening – normal service will resume shortly…

The Airport Movies…

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Yes we’ve finally sold out…

A guilty mainstream pleasure of mine is Airport (1970), and so I seized the opportunity to buy this film, and its increasingly daft sequels in the Airport Terminal pack boxset.
From the very impressive Airport (1970), to the simply bad Airport 1975 (1974), the enjoyable Airport ’77 (1977) and the utterly absurd Concorde:Airport ’79 (1979), the series has it all, with plenty of big name actors making appearances. Read more in my complete review of the films and boxset.

Editor’s notes: Don’t worry, we’re not going mainstream here at Mondo Esoterica, and for the rest of this month we’ll be going back to a staple diet of Spaghetti Westerns and Hammer…! However, there will be more mainstream reviews coming in the future as we aim to keep the site fresh and diverse.

Frankenstein: The Movies – Part 1

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Well, its finally here – 12,000 words of new Guide and reviews.

Editor’s project notes.

Readers will probably notice first the absence of Universal Horror reviews, don’t worry, these are coming later in the year in Part 2 of the Frankenstein: The Movies project. Part 3 is also on the cards, which will feature more exploitation and obscure titles. As with all our guides, updates will be ongoing over time, with new reviews and information being added.

I hope you enjoy the results of this four month labour, and stay tuned for some similar projects later in the year (3 guesses as to the topic of the next Guide!).

News, updates and more…

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Nope we’re not asleep here, honest and here’s three bits of news for my loyal blog readers!

1) My latest project is almost complete, 11,000 words of Guide and Review (and this is just part 1 of the guide!), due by the end of the week, plus I’ve got a load of reviews ready to follow in February.

2) New updates to the upcoming page, with good news – a collection of British horror titles from Optimum UK, including two new-to-DVD films, and some bad news, another delay to the Paul Naschy titles from BCI. I will also be updating with news on the impending (and exciting) Anchor Bay US Mario Bava and Hammer collections, as soon as details are confirmed.

3) And finally…. I’ve just spent over €300 on DVDs from Italy and Germany, including a trio of Mario Bava titles, a dash of Hammer, some 1960s Oriental adventures and a dozen new Spaghetti Western DVDs, including the brand new W Django (1971) release, a duet of Sartana and even a musical. Keep your eyes open for reviews of these over the next few months…!