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Hardware – Mondo Esoterica goes HD!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Like it or not, HD is here to stay and it is time I got on the bandwagon, so I present the first ever HD Mondo Esoterica review:

Hardware (1990) is a superb cyberpunk horror film that has the artistically free feel of a short film more than a commercial production. It comes highly recommended and Severin’s release includes a superb selection of bonus features including three short films.

I’ve made a few changes to the reviews page for Blu-ray – click any of the images on the page to get an enlarged view which should fill your monitor and click on the logo in the bottom left to view at full resolution. You can scroll through all the images on the page with the cursors. The images are straight off the disc and uncompressed thus they are very large (up to 1Mb each), so you might have to wait a moment for them to load. (Obviously any feedback on how this looks on different browsers/operating systems would be appreciated).

I will be publishing more HD reviews in the near future, but don’t worry Mondo Esoterica is still all about cult and obscure films and I’m more concerned with tracking down new films than replacing perfectly good DVDs with Blu-ray, so the site will continue to move forward with both SD and HD reviews.

Paul Naschy – Night of the Werewolf and new biography

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

So at long last, I complete my 2010 projects with the final chapter in the Paul Naschy series, his fantastic werewolf film – Night of the Werewolf (1981). Although the storyline is largely copied from Werewolf Shadow, visually this film is packed full of unmatched gothic opulence. Recommended.

I can also finally reveal the end result of several weeks very hard work, an all new 3000 word Paul Naschy biography.

As a bonus – all the existing Naschy reviews are now updated and there is an all new biography of Leon Klimovsky.

Major fix posted

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Sorry readers, another slight delay to the Mr Naschy bio – I have been publishing a major fix that should allow Internet Explorer users to be able to see the website properly. IE users, check out some of the recent reviews to see what should hopefully be a more visually pleasing look with the text aligned centrally rather than stuck over on the left – then go and download Firefox (which was working fine all along!)

I also took the liberty of adding a new links section to the bottom of the review pages.

Still about half my reviews are still in an old, non-CSS format which I am going to be working on in 2011, but it is a very slow and manual process to get these all updated, especially since I like to fix and rewrite things as I do it!

Any feedback, particularly on compatibility issues – or anything else you fancy – just drop me an e-mail or post a comment.