Have a Hammer Horror Hallowe’en!


Ah Hallowe’en, the best time of the year for a horror fan, and not just because its the only time you can get Pumpkins in the shops to make Pumpkin stew, but because all of the DVD companies decide to put out every horror film in their store-rooms, and the shops finally put horror films front row with big discounts. I’ve got to give credit to my local supermarket, I found The Haunting (1963), Hills Have Eyes (1978), and to my real surprise Mark of the Devil (1970). Someone will be in for a surprise when they sit down to watch this tonight!

So what horror soaked gem did I choose for tonight. None other than Hammer’s often overlooked Plague of the Zombies – a tight and well told tale of Voodoo in Cornwall. With some very good direction and acting, I highly recommend it.

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