So as we pay our tributes the the ancient gods of cinema it is time for my annual ‘proper’ blog posting.

I won’t bore you with a traditional “best of 2007″ films list, for I realise that I simply have not watched any films that were released in 2007, my only cinematic expeditions were for classics showings (see my post on the Bradford Film Festival).

On the DVD front I didn’t get too many newly released discs this year but there was certainly a fine selection available. Severin excelled again with some lesser known Fulci titles finally hitting DVD and two superb Black Emanuelle boxsets. In the UK, Network did good work with some more classic television boxsets, while Optimum continued their rather hit-and-miss output with some real classics emerging, with superb prints, but a complete absence of any features, even trailers. On the mainstream front MGM‘s Midnite Movies collection returned with some great new releases but some real furore over the use of the US print on Vault of Horror.

Here at Mondo Esoterica we hit 200 reviews back in August and I now have over 30 fully featured actor/crew biographies and 8 highly detailed genre guides on the site, with many being further enhanced over the next few months. Throughout 2008 I will be adding a number of additional Guides with a few very exciting projects in the pipeline.

There have already been some changes this year – the ‘upcoming DVDs’ page is now gone – it was requiring a lot of time to update and was too often out-of-date. DVD News will now be posted directly to the blog. As for the films being reviewed, I am going to be contrasting the depths of Euro-sleaze with some rather more cultured productions.

So that was 2007, Happy New Year and let us see what 2008 brings….

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