The Legend of the Three Peplumators


If you hadn’t guessed, we’ve got more Peplum reviews up today, this time from the Historical Peplum field. Read and enjoy:

The Colossus of Rhodes – Sergio Leone’s directoral debut starts slowly but provides some genuinely awesome spectacle and is certainly worth watching.

Messalina – Based, loosely, on real history this is a very unusual film, more akin to a Shakespeare play than a Peplum, with not much action and loads of court intrigue and murder. Worth checking out.

Gladiators 7 – a rather generic, but enjoyable adventure film set in Sparta, with Richard Harrison in the lead role. Genre fans should check this one out.

So, this takes us up to 11 Peplum reviews and there are plenty more to come, keep watching this blog! As usual, comments, corrections and suggestions are more than welcome, via e-mail or the comments form below.

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