Titles you can understand

Don’t worry, there will be new reviews by the end of the week…

Until then, check out the menu screens. Yep, I’ve redone the titles so that instead of using the DVD titles as before, films are known by their ‘common’ titles. So no more Bestien lauern vor Caracas instead of The Lost Continent. The review pages for these films have also been changed so that the titles are generally consistent throughout the site.
Of course deciding what to call the Spaghetti Westerns is still a bit of a challenge, Italian or English titles? Generally I have gone with which ever sounded best. English titles if they are commonly used or the Italian titles for the more obscure films.Hopefully this all makes sense, please browse around and let me know if you think any titles should be changed.

On a similar topic, I am aware that the site does not look best on monitors above 1024 * 768. I will be making some more formatting changes over the next few months. Suggestions are of course welcome.

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