Criminal Cinema, British style


Optimum UK continue their library of releases this Tuesday with a trio of classic British crime films, including two making their first appearances on DVD anywhere.

  • The Long Arm (1956) – Jack Hawkins is well cast as a police detective in this rather traditional British crime/mystery film from Ealing studios. DVD debut.
  • The Frightened City (1961) – Herbert Lom and Sean Connery star in this decent crime story, let down by a rather poorly written and acted police subplot.
  • Payroll (1961) – a vividly brutal attack on an armoured car is the highlight of this well written, directed and acted thriller. DVD debut.

As usual, we have got the first look and it is good news. Although completely lacking in extras, the picture quality is a good as we have come to expect with all three films boasting superb prints and only The Long Arm suffering from some slight audio problems.

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