Papaya: Love Godess of the Cannibals (1978)


What Mondo Macabro started, it looks like Severin have taken over – releasing really obscure European films, with great looking prints. From Joe D’Amato, Papaya (1978) has only previously been released on DVD by X-rated Kult in Germany and without any English options. As usual Severin’s release looks amazing.

The film is a rather minor affair, the slow pacing will put some off but there is quite a bit to see (of Sirpa Lane in particular!) and D’Amato shows off his directoral talents in a way he is rarely credited for. Not a film for everyone, but if you don’t mind slow pacing and a couple of rather gruesome gore scenes (pigs guts anyone?) then this will be worth picking up.

Papaya: Love Godess of the Cannibals

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