Newly released by Severin is that most long awaited Eurocult DVD – Inglorious Bastards, unquestionably the most over-the-top and enjoyable war film ever made. With a three disc edition, Severin have really pulled out all of the stops for what is, so far, the best DVD of the year. See the full review for more details and then go buy this DVD!

The Eurowar film was one of the more minor Eurocult genres and is very poorly served on DVD. Since a lot of people are likely to be hungry for more I thought I’d also take a look at the only other non-PD Eurowar DVD to be released in the US, the Wild East double bill of Churchill’s Leopards and Salt in the Wound – neither is sadly an all out action-fest like Bastards but both are pretty enjoyable and for the right price this two-fer is worth picking up.

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