The Summer Blog Post…

Howdy blog fans, its that time of year again when I remember to do a proper blog post. Its been a good year so far with some new biographies proving always popular, plus some great new preview reviews from Severin (can’t wait to see what they have in line next).

Its also been a bit quiet, what with me getting married and becoming the senior staff member at work – and its going to get pretty busy over the next month or two with house moving on the horizon, but I will keep the reviews coming so don’t lose faith!

I mentioned a while ago, Horror 101 a book released by Aaron Christensen, it is basically a collection of 101 essays on horror films written by genuine fans (including myself). It is genuinely interesting and has received good reviews from the likes of Tom Savini and Joe Dante. There is more information on the official Horror 101 website and you can now buy a copy in the UK from Where Shadows Fall and in Europe from Cultreviews.

I do recommend this book to horror genre newcomers but also to more experienced fans – it is very easy for folk (including myself) to get so deep into cult cinema that you forget that there are some mainstream gems out there, and this book is a good way to find out about them.

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