Mondo-Esoterica is not dead… just sleeping

Howdy blog readers. I’m afraid it has been a long time since the last update – I’m not only in the middle of moving house (so there are DVDs everywhere and not very easy to get to), but my computer of 5 years has passed away (it was a very emotional scene as its fan breathed its last in my arms….) and so I am using a spare machine with none of my forum passwords or software.

I have a nice selection of films waiting for review though, including the hot new Severin titles, some of which I hope to get up this month. There will be some new reviews in December but I’m not expecting to get up to full speed until the start of the new year, but I will return with an all new home page and some really cool new topics that are more esoteric than ever before!

One Response to “Mondo-Esoterica is not dead… just sleeping”

  1. Cibbuano says:

    Hi, I found your site looking for a review on Herzog’s “Heart of Glass”… great site, I browsed through a few reviews, love the focus. Hope to see some new content!