We have returned…

Its great to be back. If you have not been to the all new homepage, take a look now. I’ve put in a blog style central column to provide more information on each review update and it will also allow me to post any hot DVD news. On the left is an extended list of the most recent reviews. On the right are extracts from the Mondo Esoterica guides to encourage more folk to read these detailed and exclusive biographies.
Take a look at our latest review too. You might notice something different if you using a widescreen monitor – thanks to the power of CSS the text should not sprawl across your screen any more. Obviously any feedback will be welcomed on how these look.

All of our existing pages are slowly being converted into this new format so please bear with us on this as it is a very slow manual process, but does give me time to correct spelling and grammar as well as updating information on the reviews.
What you are more interested in however is the reviews themselves and on that topic I can assure you we are not going to make any changes at all. We have loads more Spaghetti Westerns, Franco, Hammer, Bava and more in the pipeline and in true Mondo Esoterica style, we hope to keep bringing you some hot sneak peeks at upcoming titles as well as reviews of discs not covered by any other review site on the internet.

So bookmark this blog (or subscribe to my RSS feed if you know how) and hold on tight, because 2009 is going to be very exciting…!

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