August at Mondo Esoterica….

Howdy film fans, whats coming up at your favourite* DVD review site this month?

(* not based on any facts or evidence….)

We’ve designated August as our Top Directors month, so we’ll be looking at the films and DVD releases of some of our favourite cult movie directors. This month, a focus on Italian horror director Mario Bava and the eclectic German director Werner Herzog.

For Bava we’ll be looking at the new E-M-S German DVDs of three of his horror pictures, as well as his R1 entries very distinctive peplum entry Hercules in the Haunted World (1961), and the crazy Danger Diabolik (1968).

For Herzog we’ll be taking a look at the 13 films available in the Anchor Bay boxsets, including his infamous work with Klaus Kinski , plus the single disc R1 releases of his latest film Grizzly Man and a starring role in Incident at Loch Ness.

September is classic horror month, so keep your eyes open for that, and e-mail us any suggestions for reviews, themed months or anything else.

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