Lifespan (1974) – Science, immortality and Klaus Kinski…!

Starring Klaus Kinski in a small role, and with a very intellegent and thought provoking plot, Lifespan (1974) is one of the most unique movies ever released. A dark, documentary-like sci-fi film it is almost incomparable to any other picture – too real to be a Herzog/Franco film, too strange to be a neo-realist picture, too dark and action free to be a mainstream film. Seemingly without a target audience, and very hard to promote, the film was almost forgotten upon initial release, but is now available on a good looking DVD from Mondo Macabro, with a good set of bonus features.

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Editor’s notes: Don’t worry, the Bava reviews are still coming, but since they are taking slightly longer than expected, I decided to watch and review this DVD to keep the fans happy! Expect more random reviews of the exceedingly random Mondo Macabro DVDs over the next few months – stay tuned to this blog for more.

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