Turkish cinema – blog readers exclusive review!

Howdy blog readers. Yes, both of you. I’ve sadly got to report that the first Werner Herzog review week is likely to take slightly longer to arrive than expected, so look forward to that in a week or two. Until then, just as a treat for the blog readers, here is a sneak preview of a new review that will be officially announced in the middle of next week:

We all know about American, British, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese cinema, but what about those lesser known countries? Mondo Macabro have been releasing some very obscure films to DVD over the past few years, and recently they topped it all with this exciting double-bill of Turkish pop cinema films from the 1970s and a very interesting 30 minute documentary. If you like your cinema very obscure and very very strange, then check this new release out:

Tarkan versus the Vikings (1971) and The Deathless Devil (1973)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to e-mail with suggestions for new reviews and themes.

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