Demofilo Fidani double bill

So I take up where I left off in August, with Spaghetti Westerns and a look at Wild East’s recent Demofilo Fidani double bill. Notorious for his low budget Spaghetti Westerns with their alluring titles, this DVD marks the first English language release of the two titles and the first time to really see their charms. Low budgeted, poorly scripted and with terrible music, they have a wonderfully innocent charm to them and Spaghetti Western fans will certainly be interested in this rare chance to see an example of the low budget exploitation films that cropped up in their dozens during the Spaghetti Western era.

The disc includes Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows (1970) and One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana! (1970) with their original trailers, plus a forty minute interview with star Hunt Powers which contains loads of interesting stories about making Spaghetti Westerns and is worth the price of admission alone.

I have also uploaded an all new Spaghetti Western guide and an updated biography of Fabio Testi.

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