Marie Liljedahl: the Swedish Cherub

Naughty November continues with a look at probably the most beautiful actress to ever disrobe for the sake of art…

Swedish actress Marie Liljedahl made just seven films in a brief career, but was named Sex Star of 1971 by Playboy and is still enough of a draw to see her films released in two-disc special editions. I’ve taken a look at her two best known films, the Swedish erotic dramas Inga (1968) and Seduction of Inga (1971) although they are certainly more drama than erotic and sadly the sex scenes are all-too-brief. The Retro-Seduction cinema DVDs are currently the only way to see these films and sadly seem to be out-of-print at present.

Equally disappointing for anyone hoping for a straight forward nudie pic is the obscure Swedish film Ann och Eve – de erotiska (1970) – promisingly pitched as an erotic coming-of-age drama with sexual liberation its theme, the film is instead a very weird descent into madness with a self-reflexive cinematic subplot (that makes no sense at all). The Danish DVD is very English friendly despite a quite low quality print.

Don’t forget my old review of the Jess Franco classic Eugenie (1970) which includes probably Marie’s most explicit role, with full frontal nudity, sex and some very sadistic whipping (oh… and Christopher Lee).

If you want to read more about Marie’s short career, check out my exclusive new Marie Liljedahl biography.

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