Laura Gemser

All good things must come to an end, even Naughty November, but I hope you have all enjoyed it.

I wanted to wrap things up with probably the most iconic of the 1970s erotic actresses, Laura Gemser. Star of the classic Black Emanuelle series as well as innumerable softcore and sleazy erotic films during the late 70s, she also had quite a long career into the early 90s and you can read all about it in my new Laura Gemser biography.

I finally completed my review of the Black Emanuelle series with reviews of the original Emanuelle Nera (1975), the sleazy Emanuelle in America (1977) and the most unusual Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali (1977) which all but drops the sex from the series in favour of gory cannibal action. Plus I have updated my reviews of the rest of Laura Gemser’s films, so why not re-read these as well.

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