2006 and 2007…

Well, its that time of year when everyone does their “best DVD of the year” lists. Well I have no plans to bore you with a complete rundown of the best and worst of 2006, so here is a quick (and fully linked summary) of good news for cult DVD fans:

Some of our reviewed titles from 2006

In the USA, it has been a very good year for fans of obscure and cult cinema, with NoShame and Blue Underground continuing to put out plenty of Italian genre cinema, newcomers Severin have really impressed with their Jess Franco discs. Meanwhile in the UK, Optimum have done decent (if rather inconsistent) work with their re-issuing of the Wickerman, Dalek and Hammer DVDs. More Spaghetti Westerns from Germany, and cult films from Italy have also been the order of the day. Ultimately, cult fans are getting it great. If I was asked to pick a single best DVD of the year, I think Mondo Macabro might take it for Lifespan – an incredibly obscure film, given the sort of special edition treatment that even most Hollywood films don’t get.
What does 2007 hold though? While the introduction of HD might be confusing the markets, 2007 is likely to bring some sort of sanity, hopefully in the form of a dual format player, at an affordable price – although HD as a widespread medium is probably not likely until 2008. Meanwhile for the cult fans, news is already good, with the Paul Naschy collection hopefully due to impress fans from March, and a good list of other titles already announced from various companies.
We review a varied selection here at MEs!

For Mondo Esoterica, 2006 has been a very big year, the site has exploded, now boasting 150 reviews and top billing on several search engines. In 2007 I hope to more than double the review archive and expand the outlook of the site even further, from the heights of European arthouse, to the grimy depths of exploitation. The most popular feature on our site this year has been the Complete Guide to the Karl May Westerns and I plan to write several more Guides in the next year, packed full of information that you can only find here at Mondo-Esoterica.net!

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