The Doug McClure Fantasy Adventure Triple Bill…!

A triple bill of Sunday afternoon television classics from Britain:

The from Cinema Club UK contains:

With generally good transfers all round, all of the films are available as single disc releases too, and Warlords of Atlantis is only available on DVD in this collection.

Editor’s notes: Some reviews from the archives to keep you busy while I complete work on the latest big project! You might notice the absence of People that Time Forgot (1977) here. Rest assured I will be reviewing the British MGM disc as a one-off title in the next month. Sadly Arabian Adventure, the fifth and final film in this series seems to be MIA on DVD (except for a now OOP r4 disc), lets just hope that it will find its way onto disc soon.

You might also notice a new feature debuting with this trio of reviews – every review page now links back to its blog post allowing you to leave comments and feedback, plus read my exciting editor’s notes!

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