Blood of the Vampire (1958) and Daughter of Darkness (1948)

Arriving on Monday (15th) from DD-Video UK, a double-bill of British horror titles.
Blood of the Vampire (1958) is an interesting Hammer style gothic horror film written by Hammer’s own Jimmy Sangster. Rather more Frankenstein than Vampire, it is a rather good and enjoyable film – unfortunately DDHE’s DVD is rather poor, blurry and cropped it is noticeably worse than the recent US release from Dark Sky films, and we’ve got some comparison pictures in the review to demonstrate this.

Daughter of Darkness (1948) is an early British psycho-horror, or at least it tries to be, but the psychology is notably absent in what amounts to little more than a slasher film, without any of the excitement of that particular genre. A decent print on this release, and more than watchable.

2 Responses to “Blood of the Vampire (1958) and Daughter of Darkness (1948)”

  1. Hayley says:

    I just wondered if this ‘uncut’ version of Blood of the Vampire contains the dungeon scenes in which Victor Maddern’s character is shown menacing female victims chained to the walls? My Mother was one of those ladies (!) but I her brief appearance was cut from the UK release because at that time the chains and manacles were considered too risque for British film audiences. However the scenes were included for European audiences . I did eventually manage to acquire the Italian vesion and -sure enough- there she is. If it helps to answer the question at all, please google the hub page entitled ‘A Biography of the Exceptional Singer Mary Marshall’. If you then scroll down thhe page you will find a black and white still of the scene in which she appears while Victor Maddern suffocates her nearby companion . I would love to get hold of the uncut English version. The copy I have is of a terrible quality.

  2. Christine says:

    Blood of the vampire needs Region 2 DVD – it sounds really interesting to this fan of lush old-school Gothic.