News, updates and more…

Nope we’re not asleep here, honest and here’s three bits of news for my loyal blog readers!

1) My latest project is almost complete, 11,000 words of Guide and Review (and this is just part 1 of the guide!), due by the end of the week, plus I’ve got a load of reviews ready to follow in February.

2) New updates to the upcoming page, with good news – a collection of British horror titles from Optimum UK, including two new-to-DVD films, and some bad news, another delay to the Paul Naschy titles from BCI. I will also be updating with news on the impending (and exciting) Anchor Bay US Mario Bava and Hammer collections, as soon as details are confirmed.

3) And finally…. I’ve just spent over €300 on DVDs from Italy and Germany, including a trio of Mario Bava titles, a dash of Hammer, some 1960s Oriental adventures and a dozen new Spaghetti Western DVDs, including the brand new W Django (1971) release, a duet of Sartana and even a musical. Keep your eyes open for reviews of these over the next few months…!

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