Vampyros Lesbos (1970) mini-review

One of the best films from Jess Franco’s tragically short lived union with actress Soledad Miranda, Vampyros Lesbos is a bizarre female twist on the Dracula tale, even down to a female Renfield. Very sedately paced, with a lot of strange imagery coupled with some surreal jazz, the film is certainly not for all, but is recommended to Franco fans. Alongside the beautiful Miranda, Franco regulars Dennis Price and Paul Muller have parts to play, with Franco himself in one the strangest roles in the film.

The British DVD from Second Sight is very impressive, using a newly restored print and including a subtitled German soundtrack (the same as the Image R1 DVD). A still photo gallery includes some interesting shots of scenes that seemingly never made it into the film.

Editor’s note – this is the first mini-review for this blog. For films that I either do not have time to review, or plan to review fully in the future, I will post these mini-reviews, exclusive to this blog. They will not be publicised elsewhere, so keep watching the blog, or subscribe to the RSS feed so as not to miss any! In this case, I have not given the film the full Mondo Esoterica treatment, because I will be compiling reviews for a complete Soledad Miranda week later this year, including of all the released films that she shot for Franco – so stay tuned for that.

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