The Airport Movies…

Yes we’ve finally sold out…

A guilty mainstream pleasure of mine is Airport (1970), and so I seized the opportunity to buy this film, and its increasingly daft sequels in the Airport Terminal pack boxset.
From the very impressive Airport (1970), to the simply bad Airport 1975 (1974), the enjoyable Airport ’77 (1977) and the utterly absurd Concorde:Airport ’79 (1979), the series has it all, with plenty of big name actors making appearances. Read more in my complete review of the films and boxset.

Editor’s notes: Don’t worry, we’re not going mainstream here at Mondo Esoterica, and for the rest of this month we’ll be going back to a staple diet of Spaghetti Westerns and Hammer…! However, there will be more mainstream reviews coming in the future as we aim to keep the site fresh and diverse.

One Response to “The Airport Movies…”

  1. Benton says:

    Bring more Peter Cushing. Do a whole month of him and his good friend Chris Lee!