And now a word from our sponsors!

No, not really, just something to help pay the bills.

Mondo Esoterica, and my source site have been hosted for 2 years now by Dreamhost, with minimal downtime and great amounts of bandwidth and webspace for about £60 a year. Plus friendly customer service and a very easy to use online panel.
So… if you plan on getting some webspace and plan to use Dreamhost, why not save a little money – as you sign up, enter the discount code MONDO25 and you will save a full US$25 on the first year of any contract. Rather swish eh?! And even better, we here at Mondo Esoterica will make a few pennies to keep those obscure DVDs coming!

Affiliate Link – DREAMHOST.COM (don’t forget to enter MONDO25 during sign-up).

Editor’s note – don’t worry, we are not about to start advertising on the site, I’m going to keep it banner free, and obviously I recommend you shop around before buying web hosting – but if you plan to use Dreamhost, enter the discount code and we all win!

Thanks for listening – normal service will resume shortly…

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