No news is good news!

Sorry its been a while between updates but I’ve not been napping. There are 6 new reviews sitting on my hard drive waiting to be uploaded along with a brand new Guide, and I just unexpectedly received some exciting preview discs which I’ll be reviewing over the next few days.

I have been trying to keep on top of the DVD announcements from the various cult companies. There are some more trashy exploitation films coming from Dark Sky, and a couple of new titles announced by Severin. The latest news on the BCI Naschy discs is that the first two titles will street in May with the rest of the collection to follow in the future. Read more at my Upcoming Pages.
There have also been some surprising announcements from the majors, most notably the Cult Camp Classics collection from WB, including a peplum and some classic airborn disaster movies, the potential for future releases in this series seem boundless and there are already rumours of a Hallowe’en horror boxset coming later in the year. Read more at DVD Times.

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