Grand Canyon Massacre (1965)

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Director Sergio Corbucci is probably best remembered now for the dark, grim and nihilistic Spaghetti Westerns, Django (1966) and The Great Silence (1969), but his first genre entry was a very different film. Grand Canyon Massacre (1965) was a typical early Italian Western, from that period when the producers and filmmakers tried their hardest to give the films a Classic American Western feel. So the storyline and ambience is all very typical American Western stuff, while the lead star is the imported James Mitchum (son of Robert), who gives a very flat performance here.

Unusually for an Italian Western, the film was shot in Jugoslavia, home of the German produced Karl May Westerns and fans of the latter films should recognise character actor Vladimir Medar. There are a couple of other familiar faces on the cast, including George Ardisson and Giacomo Rossi-Stuart.

Ultimately it is an enjoyable film, if you go in expecting an American style Western, anyone hoping to see some of Corbucci’s later greatness will surely be disappointed. The German DVD from Koch Media is rather like the film, serviceable if unremarkable – a good, but non-anamorphic transfer and a light selection of extras.

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