Mondo Esoterica Historybook – THE VIKINGS

Another all new project for Mondo Esoterica, I call it the Historybook. Basically it is a mix of real facts and film reviews, for a selected period of history. This is a trial run of the format, centered around the legendary Norsemen. If successful, I will be going on to explore lots more periods of history and their cinematic representations (suggestions welcome!)
I’v reviewed 6 new films, plus updated one existing review, and there will be more added to this Guide over the next few months:

13th Warrior (1999) – enjoyable but rather rushed.
Erik the Conqueror (1961) – a great adventure film.
Knives of the Avenger (1966) – a very interesting film, more plot than action.
The Long Ships (1964) – an enjoyable adventure film, mix between Vikings and Sinbad.
Tarkan versus the Vikings (1971) – utterly daft Turkish film.
The Viking Sagas (1995) – the best of the bunch, a very good film, shot in Iceland.
The Vikings (1958) – the Hollywood classic, enjoyable, but flawed.

So hurry and read reviews of all these and more at The Mondo Esoterica Historybook Guide to The Vikings

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