Casting the Runes (1979)

Once again Mondo Esoterica is here with an exclusive first look review. This time at the Network UK release of Casting the Runes – a British television adaptation of a ghost story by writer M.R. James (best known for its adaptation of the Jacques Tourner horror film Night of the Demon (1957)). Due out on DVD on the 3rd September.
Set in the modern day (ie. the late 1970s) this story is very well written and presented, and should raise a scare or two – highly recommended. Excitingly though, the DVD also includes a very rare adaptation of James’ story Mr Humphreys and his Inheritance, originally made for a children’s television show about using music in films to build mood. Although only 16 minutes long, it also captures a very good atmosphere, and is worth watching – as is the other bonus feature, a very well made 50 minute documentary about M. R. James.

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