A quartet of Slasher Movies

Horror September Part 2 is here, with a quartet of slasher movies newly reviewed (well actually I reviewed most of them much earlier this year, and have just been saving the reviews for now!)

The Sleepaway Camp films are a good mix, with the first film being very dark and quite original, one of the few slasher films to achieve a realistic summer camp atmosphere. The sequels are generic body count slashers, but highly enjoyable with plenty of blood and breasts.

In contrast, Cheerleader Camp is another body count slasher, that despite some good gore effects is rather poor, with some gaping plot holes, and an almost complete absence of the sleaze and nudity we all watch these films for in the first place. Enjoyable in places, slasher fans might want to check this out, but not for those who only enjoy quality horror films!

Enjoy, and watch out for more this weekend!

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