Karl May Collection 2 (1964 - 1965)

3 film, 3 disc collection of German Karl May Westerns, based on a classic series of Old West novels. Ufa R0 German boxset.

The Films - links to individual film reviews where available.

In Brief:

Anyone famous in it? Former Hollywood star Stewart Granger and French actor Pierre Brice play the lead roles.
Look out for euro-cult stars Elke Sommer, Letícia Román and Terence Hill.
Who is it for?
Existing fans of the Karl May Westerns will certainly be interested in this trio of films. For newcomers, this set will certainly appeal to those who are big Western fans, but anyone looking for the epic adventure films in the series, the Shatterhand films will appeal more.

The DVDs

Visuals All films are in Original Aspect Ratio (2.35:1) and Anamorphically Enhanced. 
The picture quality is good, with generally light grain and minimal print damage.
Audio Parts I and III have German and English language audio, part II has just German audio. Generally sounds strong.
Subtitles German HOH
English (this track translates the English soundtrack, so there are some discrepancies when watching the German as the translations are different) - only in parts I and III.
Extras All the discs include a collection of trailers.
Disc 3 also includes:
  • Documentary on the Surehand films, including interviews with various actors, including Götz George Pierre Brice, with lots of clips. (20 minutes) German only.
  • Documentary interview with producer Horst Wendlandt (18 minutes). German only.
  • Original trailers for all the Surehand films.
  • Original newsreel/TV report on the shooting of Old Surehand with some interesting behind the scenes footage. (2 min)
  • Stills photo gallery for all the Surehand films.
  • Restoration comparison shots.
  • EASTER EGG: A scene showing the restoration process and some interesting original camera negative from Under Vultures.
The boxset also includes a 20 page booklet - all German, but with some interesting illustrations.
      Packing Digi-pack in cardboard sleeve - the box is patterned and textured in the style of an old hardback book.
      Region Region 0 - PAL
      Other regions? There are other German DVDs of these films but without English language options.
      Cuts? All films are believed to be fully uncut including scenes cut for US market. Print language is German.


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