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Conceptions of Murder: Peter and Maria (1970)

Nigel Green stars in an adaptation of the serial killer Peter Kurten. Included on the Network R2 Countess Dracula DVD.

The Film in brief:

Storyline SummaryPeter Kurten (Nigel Green) is waiting at home for his wife to arrive. She has walked back alone from work, afraid because there have been a spate of killings nearby over the last few months, but he assures her that she has nothing to worry about...
CommentaryConceptions of Murder was a short series from playwright Clive Exton, dramatising the motives behind real life serial killers including Major Armstrong (the 'Hay Poisoner', and the only solicitor in British History to be executed) and Alfred Rouse, convicted of the murder of an unknown man.

The episode runs to 25 minutes, and is a very theatrical style production - shot on a single stage, with just two actors - accordingly the entire story is told through the well paced dialogue. Exton uses most of the real facts from the Peter Kurten case (although the setting has been moved to England) and presents the facts in a very straight forward way, bringing neither sympathy or condemnation to the killers. 
Anyone famous in it? The main role is played by actor Nigel Green (best known for his roles in Zulu (1962) and The Ipcress File (1965)) while Maria is played by Yootha Joyce (best known to British audiences for her long running role in the 1970s sitcom Man About the House and its spin off George and Mildred). Both actors give superb performances throughout.


Visuals Original Aspect Ratio  - 1.33:1 full-screen. Colour.
Shot on video the image is decent, although the image suffers from the poor quality of the original video used. Probably looks as good as it ever did.
Audio English mono, sounds fine.
Subtitles None.
Availability Only available on the Network UK Countess Dracula DVD.
Other regions? Not available elsewhere.
Cuts? This is believed to be fully uncut.



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